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Destruction completion of FIC balance at the genesis node and faucet
Nov 26 , 2020
# Announcement on destruction completion of FIC balance at the genesis node and faucet

For the stability of the Filecash blockchain and friendly miner participation at the early stage, 1,500,000 FIC were allocated to the genesis node and 2,500,000FIC to the faucet, totaling 4,000,000FIC. Filecash main network is now online, and the genesis nodes and faucets have completed their mission; for the common benefit of all Filecash participants, the community has unanimously hereby determined that::
<font color='red'> ** all balance at the genesis node and faucet to be destroyed. (totaling 3,733,011.67 FIC<sup>(1)</sup> )。** </font>
## Destruction time
A total amount of 3,733,011.66878‬ FIC at three genesis nodes and two faucets has been destroyed at the block height of 80710(10:00 26th Nov. 2020 Beijing time) and the CID info is as follows:
## Genesis node
t0100 balance destroyed 493566.79963 FIC [bafy2bzaceaa6bhwmfdkwwhavckagaris6d6hqbikxt6babsiwhldelekyixuc](
t0101 balance destroyed 493566.79959 FIC  [bafy2bzacebdl7sy43g7qsvxukinush3mrhtjrnc6jbxwult7iahysv7zng636](
t0102 balance destroyed 493566.79963 FIC  [bafy2bzacebivq436en3lahbbafq7ymjr7ls47yihhgt52oq27kdqtjig2bmj6](
## Faucet
t0131 balance destroyed 1002311.26994 FIC  [bafy2bzacedkfjz5nadz42prhdbhfn25nwmr2qsrsmczmmk6lld3estimss2pu](
t0132 balance destroyed 1249999.99999 FIC  [bafy2bzaceadkraybk4dyeqbxmo2smevw6x3lzhlnql7gsumqwncypuj4sa57o](
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