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Oct 19 , 2020

-What is Filecash?

Filecash is committed to building a more open IPFS storage network and it is the first pre-fork project of Filecoin.

-Filecash token ticker and total supply?

Filecash has its coin ticker as FIC, 2 billion total supply.


-FIC distribution?

*Fundraise: 10% of token = 200 Million FIC

FIC released daily linearly for up to 2 years


*FileCash Foundation: 2.5% of token = 50 Million FIC, for community contribution reward

FIC released daily linearly for up to 6 years


*Developer & Operational Team: 2.5% of token

Consist of multiple technical experts, and continue to attract top technical developers to join

FIC released daily linearly for up to 3 years


*Available for Mining: 85% of token


-Current network status?

Filecash has launched its free-of-pledge test-net on 14th Oct. 2020, and it will conduct a network switch along with an asymmetric FIC mapping four weeks later.


-Filecoin vs. Filecash?

Filecoin is officially a planned economy, while Filecash is a forked market economy. Filecoin is officially a corporate operation, while Filecash is a forked free market supply and demand. Admittedly, the fundamentalist consensus of Bitcoin community is more in line with the fairness, openness and transparency of blockchain.


*Filecoin has high server equipment requirements and expensive;

whereas Filecash is compatible with all server processors in the market including Intel


*Filecoin has consumption of resources (11 layers, GPU 8 layers) ;

whereas Filecash reduce calculation times (within 5 layers).


*Filecoin: the punishment for time and space proof is too high;

Whereas filecash reduces time and space proof penalty.


*Filecoin: the process of time and space proof mechanism is complicated;

Filecash: Optimize proof process and increase effective storage.


*Filecoin: the data set is too centralized, and economy system is not

suitable for the storage market;

Filecash: the storage market is redefined by the new economy system.


*Filecoin: ignore community interests and demands;

Filecash: embrace software and hardware market, ecosystem, and community.


-Link to the Filecash blockchain explorer

Filecash block info is available at tokenview!

-Link to the Whitepaper


-Link to claim FIC at the Faucet?


-Link to One-click deployment?


-How can I join Chinese community group on Wechat?

Add 'aaatothemoon' or 'minerscrypt' and they will add you to the Wechat group.


-Other useful links:

Official Website:




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