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Filecash Outer-space Marathon Online
Nov 24 , 2020

Filecash Outer-space Marathon


*What it is for?

Filecash has recently marched into a phase of pivotal development - the main-net era. At this very period, we are ready to listen to voices from the community that help co-build Filecash a better place. Filecash Outer-Space Marathon is a community-oriented campaign with no harsh threshold on tech, qualification, fund, mining devices or if you are an FIC hodler or not. It is for everyone!

*Event is alive since: 24th Nov. 2020

*FIC Reward: A pool of ONE million FIC in total

*The event faces to:

-Proposals from participants include but not limited to individuals, communities, media, mining pools, miners, wallet service providers, KOL, exchanges, etc.

-All proposals should be sent to the Email: and evaluated by the Filecash community before reward grant.

*Event details

A. 100 to 1000FIC will be sent to any constructive suggestions and opinions upon adoption by the Filecash Foundation.

1) What the suggestion/opinion is?

2) Potential result?

3) Any support you need from the Filecash Foundation?


B. 1-1000FIC to contents generated by Filecash community members. Contents generated should be your own creativity which include but not limited to forms of stickers, translation of existing Filecash materials, analysis articles, analysis videos, etc.

1) What contents you’d like to create for Filecash (general description of the creation)?

2) Exposure of such contents(to number of audience and where you publish the contents).

3) Link to your previous work or send them over as attachments.

4) Any support you need from the Filecash Foundation?


C. 500-2,000FIC to group owner or community lead

1) Description of the group or channel you’ll promote Filecash to(number of audience, length of period, what platform the group or channel is on, etc)

2) Potential result and any support you need from the Filecash Foundation?


D. 500-20,000FIC to promotional campaign or events for exposure of Filecash by organizations such as blockchain influencer, media, labs, project incubator, etc.

1) Description of the campaign(intro of campaign organizer, event background, time length, number of participants, description of market exposure)?

2) A detailed plan if there is.

3) How you think the Filecash Foundation should support?


E. Up to 30,000FIC to co-builders of the Filecash ecosystem such as wallet service provider, mining pool, exchanges, etc.

1) Who you are(wallet service provider, mining pool, exchanges, etc)?

2) How you think Filecash should cooperate?

3) A details plan if there is.


We also welcome proposals of any other types from any individual or organization as long as you think it helps build Filecash ecysystem a better place. Please email us at: or for further discussion.

About reward distribution:

The one million FIC reward is taken from the Filecash Foundation portion, which means the reward is supposed to be distributed to participants in 12 month linearly after launch of main net Stage2.

Please prepare yourself a Filecash wallet(on Mixpay for example) in advance.

Final interpretation of the above activities is owned by the Filecash community.

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