##Filecash to support 16GB sector##
Jan 19 , 2021
-Filecash plans to support 16GB sector at the block height of 244780(at around 10:00am Jan 22, 2021 Beijing time);
-Lotus node and wallet address can be used by both 16GB and 4GB sectors, after miners re-initiate the 16GB sector;
-Miner hardware for 4GB sector is also compatible with the 16GB sector.
##### 16GB consumption level
-1.PC1 sealing has 5 layers, PC1 cache 155GB/task, PC1 RAM consumption 32GM/task;
-2.PC2 sealing has 4 layers, PC2 cache 1160GB/task;
-3.C2 RAM consumption exceeds 85GB, VRAM consumption exceeds 4GB.
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