The 7th version - Launch of free-of-pledge network Step2 released on 29th Octobe
Oct 30 , 2020
The 7th version - Launch of free-of-pledge network Step2 was released on 29th October with improvements as belows.
- Economic model adjusted;
- Some bugs fixed;
- Link to the code branch:
- Please do NOT delete data from the step1 network;
- Please ensure to store the data and private key from the step1 network, as there will be asymmetric mapping at the main-net launch;
- Please send the mining address from the step1 along with a screenshot of the `lotus-miner info` command interface to the Foundation ; Such materials will be taken as references for the asymmetric mapping.

Dear Filecash community, the faucet is now available and below is the must-knows:
1. Please do not authorize and login with the same Git account from one IP address frequently.
2. One Git account can only claim once within 8 hours.
3. t3xxxx...xx address can claim once only.
4. A t0xxxx address will be generated after a t3xxxx...xx address makes a transaction.
5. Filling in the t3xxxx...xx + t0xxxx address together enables you to claim the faucet.
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