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Turn your hardware into a FIC earning machine with several commands.
Mining configuration covers hardware facilities from desktop computers to large cabinets.
Miners combine hard drives with other hardware to win storage transactions to gain Filecash rewards by storing data.
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Mining rewards
Each effective calculation will receive a block reward, the more effective the calculation, the more Filecash rewards.
Storage incentives
The more valid data that is stored, the more Filecash reward is obtained, and the faster the block reward is released.
Search rewards
Search miners can get more Filecash rewards by providing high-speed file and data transfer.
Flexible network
Filecash provide a more suitable local flexible network optimization scheme from the code level for different network infrastructure conditions around the world.
Network upgrade
Filecash miners are committed to building a long-term sustainable network to profit by providing truly valuable services to human society.

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  • Miners help us build a more open, resilient and trusted Internet.
    Through mining on the FileCash network, you can make the data stored on the network more distributed and more universal.
  • Valuable services for the world and your local community.
    Many parts of the world still do not have good network connections. FileCash and IPFS enable you to provide data from anywhere in the world and create a new economic model for areas with inadequate network services.
  • Protect and preserve our heritage
    FileCash miners store vital public data, such as publicly accessible scientific data, knowledge-sharing media, historical archives, public records, etc.
  • Protecting data and protecting our planet.
    FileCash rely on useful storage to maintain the network, unlike other blockchains that only cost resources to prove the workload. which makes FileCash one of the most environmentally friendly blockchains.
  • A vibrant and supportive miner community.
    From small miners to large data centers, FileCash has a vibrant mining community in which entrepreneurs and companies help each other, making the community more efficient, reliable and profitable.