The Filecash mainnet was launched on November 18, 2020.
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Turn your hardware into FIC mine shares with just a few commands.
FIC mining supports a variety of devices from desktop hardware to commercial-grade servers.
Miners can assemble hard drives with other accessible components to earn FIC rewards in exchange for providing storage.
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Mining rewards
Each effective calculation will be met with one block reward. More effective calculations generate greater rewards.
Storage rewards
The storage data is positively correlated with the FIC reward.
Larger valid storage will benefit from faster release time.
Search rewards
Retrieval miners can earn tokens by providing quick pipes to retrieve files.
Flexible Network
The order is divided into regions where various performance data of the miners like latency, capacity, and absolute bandwidth are displayed simultaneously, enabling users to select orders based on their needs.
Network Upgrade
Filecash miners are incentivized to building a sustainable network that provides valuable storage services in the Web 3.0 era.

Open Internet

Global visits

Open data sets



  • Miners help us construct an open, resilient and trusted network.
    The data stored on the Filecash network is immutable and universal.
  • Bring global internet services to local communities.
    Filecash and IPFS add a variety of possibilities to areas with inadequate network services.
  • Protect and preserve our heritage
    FileCash miners store vital public data, such as publicly accessible scientific data, knowledge-sharing media, historical archives, public records, etc.
  • Environmental friendly
    Filecash reduces the amount of useless work in its consensus algorithm to minimize waste.
  • Diverse and supportive miner community.
    From small miners to large data centers, Filecash has a collaborative mining community that participate in the governance voting. The consensus among community helps reach a market equilibrium that is efficient, reliable, and stable.