Filecash Storage
Efficient, Secure, and Friendly
Distributed cloud storage
  • Reduced sector capacity
    Lower sector capacity increases the efficiency of sealing and storage.
  • Effective storage submission duration reduced to 2 hours
    Storage becomes faster and more user friendly
  • Global Nodes
    The distributed global nodes improve the networkʼs security.
  • Diversified Mining
    Larger supply leads to cheaper storage
Filecash is committed to serve:
  • Big data

  • Video

  • Websites

  • Blockchain applications

  • Archive

  • Blockchain data

  • Private data

  • Cloud computing

  • Enterprise data

  • Public data sets

Unlimited flexibility and scale
Global participation, customization, ecosystem development
  • Global engagement
    Filecash where networks exist .
  • Personal customization
    We offer whatever you need
  • Developing ecosystem
    WEB 3.0 ecosystem with unlimited possibilities
Data security standards at the
international enterprise level
The network keeps on, the data lasts forever
  • Copy certificate
    Ensure efficient storage space provided by miners
  • Time and space proof
    Ensure that user data is in good condition and readily available
  • Filecash DSN
    Verifiability,recoverability,reviewability and incentive compatibility.
Supply and demand rather than enterprise pricing
Highly competitive market pricing model
Filecash's technology reduces the barrier to entry for new miner to the ecosystem. The new effective economic model enables new market entrants to easily compete with earlier entrants in a fair way.
Transparent global market
Filecash network features a transparent global market, where storage providers compete for clients' requests, and data stored at optimal prices with flexible choices.
Filecash application scenarios
  • Cloud storage
    To reach $75 billion by 2021
    Filecash will create a powerful distributed dynamic cloud storage service platform
  • Distributed
    New markets
    Filecash is a distributed system without worrying about trust. You no longer need to rely on trusted parties or vendors that are saving your data to bind you.
  • Algorithm Storage Market
    New markets
    Filecash reduces storage prices by encouraging competition among all storage space providers, including potential online storage brought by new entrants.
  • Smart Contract Storage
    New markets
    Automatic and secure storage for hosting, auction, insurance, games, financial institutions, etc.
  • Algorithm CDN
    To reach $23 billion by 2021<
    Filecash optimizes content delivery through its incentive, automatic scale and global CDN.
Other use scenarios
  • Data transactions
    Users can sell data on the Internet to facilitate data transactions and market development.
  • Human data
    Storage of vital public data instancing encyclopedia series.
  • Standard blockchain usage scenario
    Storage of distributed books and applications, supply chains, etc.
  • Payment
    Filecash token can be used as payment for products and services.
  • Time stamp
    Time stamp service is provided by Filecash during data storage.
  • Value storage
    A value storage tool.
Filecash communities
Filecash is a huge community of developers, miners and users who work together to create great causes...