Creating Filecash Distributed Application Ecosystem
Breakthrough storage networks with incentives
Tools and services Documentation and guidance
Whether you're a storage or distributed application developer or just curious, there are many tools and infrastructure services to help you get started.
Filecash verify the unique encoding of your data in physical storage for a period of time through cryptography.
Filecash storage proof mechanism is a new foundation of distributed storage network with built-in incentive mechanism, which will promote the data storage and retrieval market on the whole Internet.
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And what makes us different: Filecoin proof systems
No experience required to participate in the programmable network
Provide a new data storage model for global developers
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Future planning
All the technologies that the Internet can realize now can be realized in the Filecash network in the future.
The blockchain problems that cannot be solved by Internet today can be solved by the Filecash network in the future.
Filecash activities
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